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The name “GULF PAPER” has established its leading position in the paper industry and its significance is accepted by leading converting industries (both Packing Grade converters and Tissue converters) especially in GCC Countries and in the Middle East. This privilege encouraged our responsibilities to the market; hence the management decided to widen our product features and look for a different operating point to attain the benefits of diversification.

This lead us to locate a Paper mill in Jebel Ali Free Zone, which was shut down due to bankruptcy. We did a thorough feasibility study on this venture and after convinced of its viability the parent “Gulf Paper Manufacturing Co KSC, Kuwait” acquired this company in March 2003.  One of the main reasons which impelled us to acquire this mill was its machine deckle width of 420 cm which is wide enough to satisfy several existing and prospective customers of Kuwait mill.

















The management of GPMC Kuwait, along with its technical team looked  into the minute details of existing mill and realized that a total change is required to modernize the factory. The existing technology was outdated and the machine capacity was just 50 metric ton per day and the quality was not up to international standard. So the management decided to make this new venture as the best factory to compete with the international standards.

Hence, we approached Metso Paper Finland (Como Branch) to achieve our task of rebuilding the mill with latest technology by upgrading the whole process machines. Our goal was to reach production of 150 metric ton per day of fluting and test-liner products with superior quality as same as GPMC Kuwait products.












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